I Belong To You

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Good morning

Hey guys,

Well this is like a complete 1st for me, I feel all high tech having my own thing I can write on and such...until i get back to the states its going to be kinda plain but I will put my profile picture up when I get home.. I got a totally hot one waiting on my computer back in the states!!

So what does Ibelong2 mean ? Well before you get any wierd Ideas about what the meaning of it is...its as simple as this.. there is a song I heard while I was here...Its on one of my CDS and anyways this song talks about when all things in my life are gone when everything leaves all I need to know is I belong to you and that will get me through ( talking to the Lord) and its just so true and the song has just stuck with me.... Its by superchik...its really good.

Things have been going well, I've recovered from my nervous break down..lol when I heard about bens website...Yes it was devastating for me

So i'm going home in like 4 wks, yeah I think I'm a little scared to fly again, I was scared when we came..when the plane started having ( what I thought was bad turbulense ) I though I was going to have a heart attack, but dest and doug said it was nothing YEAH RIGHT TO THEM MAYBE....I'm not much of a flyer and I tryed to just sleep through the WHOLE thing....

I ask though that you guys be praying for us when we go home, we basicly are going to hit the ground running. We have the wedding rehearsle on the 9th, last min stuff and the wedding on the 10th, OH and we get home at 1:35pm the 8th! ( and for all my friends who cant count worth there life) we are an 11 hour time difference here...So please I ask you to be praying for us.

Things here are going really well, Doug is working at the church alot- we have lights and fans and a fence now ( it may not be big to you all back home but its awesome for us here) thursday nights have been going good...

And remember to pray for the kids I've had the pleasure of teaching, there are catholic and muslim influences here on them and they need our prayers..

Okay well thats all for now, hope I didnt bore you all to death ( what em I saying its your choice to read this)

Have a good day I love you all oh so very much and will talk to you later...


Blogger Benjamin Wood said...

Sweet- congrats on your first post!

6:58 AM  

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