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Friday, August 19, 2005

God never fails.

Hey guys

Things are going great here, I finally got some extra time so I thought I would post something, I wont get another chance until after we get home from the safari.

Today the power has been out, it went out lastnight and has been out most of today- you dont realize how much you value being able to go into your room and turn the light on until you cant do it...lol we get load shed alot, but I guess I can't complain because in kampala you get load shed every 3rd night..

The weather has been cool here, Doug and destiny say the rainy season has finally started- Wich its funny because its not even barely cold even though it rains alot and storms...the other night I sat outside ( in shorts and a sweatshirt) and watched the prettiest lightening storm I've ever seen...It rained and thundered then every couple minutes the whole entire sky would light up...it was amazing

The day gaurd david though always is cold ( even though it rarely is really cold here) lastnight at church he was telling everyone ' its so cold outside' ( if I'm not cold then you really know it isnt cold) but its still funny because I finally met someone who is cold more then I'm! ( see it is possible)

Yesturday I was at the cashes doing school with the kids, You know as hard as I tryed not to get attached to those kids ( because I knew i would be gone soon) I have. and I love spending time with them, Alex ran up to me when I got there. and was so excited because he read his 1st real book! Before I had came he drew a picture for me, It was of me and him standing together and he had a book in his hand, he wrote on the cover of the book " I read my first book in school" ...It was really cute I do believe I even got a little teary eyed ( thats not a huge suprise though ) and after that Issac came running out
"CHARITY CHARITY WATCH ME RUN " ( he always likes to show me new things...wich usually are the same but none the less its really cute) Anyways we came to the decsion that I'm going to get there address and write them when I go home and they promised to practice there letters so they can write me back..lol

Doug has lost some weight since being here, I dont know how the guy does it! because I havent lost any, I dont think I gained any either ( although someone told me my butt looks bigger) lol but doug once again is small and scrawny AGAIN! its sick if you ask me its just not right!

Teaching on sundays is going good as usual, there is the same amount of kids- I have 3 times of teaching them left, Its going to be hard to say goodbye to them, but I'm just looking at it like this, God gave me this time with them and I'm not going to focus on the part of leaving I'm going to walk away thankful for everything the Lord did/is doing...and pray that those kids would want more of the Lord in there lifes and that everything else ( muslim and catholic influneces) would fade away and that God would pierce there hearts and keep them in his shield...God is in control, So I know i will be sad...But I'm putting my trust in the one who is in control of everything!

Okay well that is all for now, I look forward to seeing most of you all at the wedding, And I will warn you in advance I'll prolly hug the life out of you and start crying. So dont look so suprised if it happends..

Love you guys and I thank you for praying for me, God knows I have felt every single prayer!



Blogger mat10thirty8 said...

oh Miss Charity,
I miss you too. I got your email and I've been reading your blogs and such only to find that you are walking in Chirst and I am blessed and encouraged to see that.
I will not be going to Bible college in the fall but hope to go in the spring. This is all the work of God, and not of me.
I would love to hear you're voice and see your face when you get back... maybe over a can of RockStar, eh? or not.
Anywho, Holy Spirit fill you, God bless you, Jesus take us home. Amen.

9:54 AM  

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