I Belong To You

Sunday, November 12, 2006


okay so here is a normal picture of me and my new glasses! I love them! and its nice to be able to see...

Latest news in the life on ME...
My car is back up and running! she still is banged up but...I dont care! I missed driving so much....im getting a new car next year! im not even going to spend all the money to fix her...she drives and thats all that I care about!

Youthgroup is goin well! I just found out in arpil over spring break we are planning a trup to mexico! How cool is that....im excited

Teaching is awesome! I love it....and it gets better all the time!

My dad and sisters birthday is the 24th of this month! he is going to be 50 and she will be 21!!!

anyways I got to go! enjoy all the pics!! Love yah much


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