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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

This summer ends

With summer coming to and end I look back and I can't believe how it went by, and how many amazing days I had.

I think the best time I had was when I was sitting on the beach in fort bragg, and I got to litterly watch the sunset every night. I love sunsets!

Santa cruz was awesome, well besides the fact I was so sick the whole time with a cold and stayed up most of the nights coughing horribly...but the water and the kids I went with will forever stay in my memories.

I decided that I love the beach, and thats where I want to live near!

I turned 18 this summer, and from the pictures you can see I had the most amazing birthday ever ( there I go smiling when I think about it AGAIN)

I reconnected with old friend, Fought with close friends, Made new memories with joelle & steph, and grew in the Lord through all of it.

To those that God used this summer in my life. Thank you and thank you for allowing him to do that. I love you guys.


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