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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Exciting stuff for sure!

Many things are going to be happening this next couple of weeks!

1 im going to see pillar in concert tonight! not only that im going to see them with two of the most awesomist people in the world ( JOJO AND STEPH)

2 Monday we go pick up my sister and her husband and my NEPHEW at the airport! they will be here until march!! yeah!!!!!

3 After this saturday I DONT WORK ON SATUDAYS!! and I only work 2 days a week....uhm can we say AWESOME!! Oh yes!! we can.

( I know awesomist isnt a word! But robert always says if you say it enough...eventually it will become a word ) he only says that after i make fun of him for making up words!! lol

Love you guys!! OH so now that im not working so much it doesnt matter what time you call me!! cause you wont wake me up...:D

Peace out-


Blogger *Anna* said...

i love you

5:18 PM  

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