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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A Birthday To Remember

Okay I'm going to start from the begening,

Was my actual birthday and after church the cashes came over and ate dinner with us, It was cool. Issac right when he walked in the door handed me my gift and was like OPEN IT!!!
( He likes to yell everything he says ) so I did...they bought me this really cool purse and book mark...not to mention kinley and alex both drew me cards ( witch almost made me cry)
Dest made a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting ( MY FAVORITE!) and we ate mexican...it was so much fun...I love those kids so much...and then around 10pm my mom calls, WICH I figured she would I mean I knew my family was going to call to say happy birthday and I thought maybe joelle and steph, and I was hoping jordie and ben....SO I answered the phone and all my friends and a a bunch of other people sung happy birthday to me...Wich right when they started I was laughing...then I was crying !! LOL yeah I then spent the next hour talking to all my friends..Basiclly It was like the coolest thing! but thats not the end

We left for our safari around 10 or something like that...we got to meya lodge ate there ( wich I got the wonderful pleasure of being checked out ( more then once) by a nasty looking kid with a mullet) it was a white kid...wich made it even worse- after we ate we went on the boat ride and I got to see alot of hippos and a couple of crocidiles..after that we headed out to Gakana ( the lodge we stayed at) It was the prettiest thing I've seen I got to feed this little white monkey...It had come to our car when we were checking in and it was jumping all over the car trying to get in, it even looked right in the window at me, So I got out and was able to feed it chips!...We stayed in this little cabin that overlooked the lake- and were we ate overlooked the lake to and was like indoor outdoor it was crazy! The pool and everything over looked it...we got video tape of it, it was very nice and TOTALLY Relaxing

We got up at 6:30am to drive 2 hours each way to a place called ISHASHA...There were supposed to be tree climbing lions you could go drive out and see...we ofcourse didnt see ANY! so after driving around for like EVER we got back to the lodge and ate lunch at like 3 and hung around, doug and dest got massages, They were going to pay for one for me for my birthday, but I have a wierd thing about people touching me....( My wierd thing is I DONT LIKE IT) anyways I stayed with jotham and read and took a nap....Then we ate dinner and hung out were the sitting area was ( its this place that again is like outdoor indoor and there was a fireplace and a couple hammocks and these HUGE chairs ) ....It was awesome...We also saw alot of baboons on the way to ISHASHA! they were begging on the road..Doug fed them some chips on the hood of the car...They just sit in the road and beg...It was funny! one of them jumped on the hood and sat there and ate the chips then doug moved the bag on his lap, and the baboon got up and stared right into the window at the bag and watched doug eat them before he jumped down ( we got it on tape) it was crazy

We got up later and ate breakfast and then we drove out to try and see more lions ( with no luck) I had my heart set on seeing elaphants and so far the only ones we saw were really far away....so we drove around and on are way back dest and I rode up on top the car ( okay that in itself was like scarey) but anyways we really wanted to see some up close so I was willing to risk my life for it...LOL ( I'm totally making more out of it then it was Doug drives really safe when we are up there and there are bars to hold on to) anyways I wanted to see a elaphant so I could get pictures for JOJO...and there is was right on the side of the road 2 elaphants( like not even a mile before we left the park...we could see the gate from were we were!!! ) yes we were SO HAPPY!! we even got to see a heard of them too( farther off) ...SO joelle I saw an elaphant up close and took some GOOD pictures for you!! the whole thing was totally awesome!!! we just sat there on top the car and watched it eat, we thought maybe the heard would come and cross in front of us but they didnt....we still got to see them walk around and eat though- And then we drove back over were the two had walked and got prolly like 15 yards away from them...:D

So I guess its safe to say I had an awesome brithday that I will never forget! I mean who gets to say that they went on a safari for there 17th birthday? not alot!

NOW I need to go take a shower because I smell, and I'm tired!
But its ok because every minute was worth it! It was so fun riding up on top- I mean the things I saw not just all the animals but the scenary was so pretty!..OH and getting to TEACH on my birthday, Man It couldnt have been any better...!!!!

Goodnight everyone, Love you all and I will see you in 2 wks.


Blogger Benjamin Wood said...

Oh boy! What great fun! Glad your birthday was a good one.

Love yah,

4:24 PM  

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