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Saturday, January 13, 2007


Hey guys

Okay well alots been going on with me right now, some good some AWESOME! and some that has brought me to tears...through all of this God has shown himself faithful & proven to me he is more with me then he ever was.

Okay so you all know that I hit a car 4 months ago.

My whiplash & pain has COMPLETELY subsided! meaning that my body has healed! Praise God for that one.

Well I had been driving my car around even tho the front was damaged! My plan was to drive it for another year & then buy another car. Well........This last week my car really disagreed with my plans! and last night, Gertrude died.
i was driving to youth group with my brother, when my heat gage JUMPED to the red & my check engine light came on.....I know this sounds bad but normally I just dont pay attention to the check engine light because there is a short in it and it comes on whenever it feels like. but then my car started not going when I would push the gas it was like it would JUMP when I tryed to go....and it was spitting out ice cold air from the heater! so i got it home & walked in the house in tears.
Its hard enough knowing your car is gone, but when you know that its all your fault and nobody elses.....it sucks
I called my youth leader barely able to talk I was crying so hard & told him I couldnt come.
My dad went out and checked it and was like, charity I dont think its worth fixing I dont even know why its over heating! so I started praying, My dad and doug looked on craigslist for a car...I told him the most I could spend right now was 3000 dollars.
so we looked and found a few jeep cherokees.
THEN I was looking just randomly through the ones in sacramento. and there was a jeep cherokee sport black w/grey interior loaded new tires new brakes new radiator 1993 with only 100 thousand miles on it...and he wanted 17 hundred.
so we went and looked at it today and bought it! it runs wonderful! the inside is SO CLEAN the outside has some minor minor scratches, and the plastic fenders and all scratched ! BUT it just so happens my brother in law makes custom bumpers & can make fenders too...so that was not a big deal!
GOD TOTALLY PROVIDED for me! I mean the only thing I can say is it was all him because it was such a blessing! I drove it home today and it drives so nice and I feel safe in it! and its cute!!! I will try to post some pictures soon.

Work is going ok, im learning alot. One of the lessons I learned this month was a hard one, I've ALWAYS been in a sheltered enviroment until I started working at longs. I've always had awesome Godly christian guy & girl friends that I can trust so I've always treated them like I would treat anyone. Basicly niave to the fact that not every guy is a God loving BIG BROTHER who you can be friend and nice to and they will know its because you are a friend not because you like them.
I had to learn that the hard way, And it has opened my eyes to be more aware of people and the signs they give off! that and DONT TALK TO STRANGERS KIDS! it only gets you into trouble....im still dealing with this situation.
I didnt realize that if someone doesnt know me ( maybe even if they do ) my personality can seem extremely flirty at times! unfortunantly I dont notice it...and it has come to my attention im not ugly eather.....I guess I just need Gods help to give me wisdom on who I can treat like that and who I cant.....I dont even think this makes sense...but oh well its my blog I can right whatever I feel like!


A brand new charity adventure!

So the other day before I got my new car. I was going to work to pick up something and when I walked outside my brother doug had parked my moms car pretty arn close to mine & I had to back up around this little curve on this slope....so on one side there is my moms car & on the other side there was these massive ugly bushes that smell like pee in the summer so im backing up and I was being really careful, and I got hung up on the bushes....( ok for all that saw the pictures of my car after the accident....I WASNT to worried about hurting it ) and I just pushed the gass a little more and floored right over those bushes!! haha I was laughing.....anyways I left and came home, and when I was inside I told my brother ben about it and he just laughed! then he went outside and came in laughing again! he was all you wernt kidding come look at these bushes! so I went out there....and I basicly MOWED them right over!!! My dad was all CHARITY YOU RAN OVER A BUNCH OF TREES!!! I was like DAD they arent tree's! he was all yeah well they would have been if you would have left them alone! haha....needless to say I wont be doing that with my new car. :D you might not find that story funny...but I dont care! if you where dumb enough to read the whole thing even tho it was boring then thats really a problem you should take up with your physciatrist :D

alright you all! I would like to close this in saying I love everyone of you. I have been thinking alot about this last year, and I have gone through some bad things, and so many of you prayed & stuck with me through it! and for that i will forever be thankful.....and you know who you are!

Okay ya'll peace out! UNTIL NEXT TIME.


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