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Friday, September 16, 2005

Jotham Taylor Calhoon

Good evening ya'll

How cute is my little neph? Yeah I don't think I could love that little boy more then I do...He is definintly going to be one spoiled kid!

Since jotham was born he has only become stronger...
He continues to grow bigger each day and is now trying to crawl.. the second time I saw him when he was in the hospital- He looked up at me from his little incubator.. and I knew I just knew God was working in him as we were standing there and God was giving him the stregnth to fight and get stronger.... Jotham is one of those things you don't try to explain it you just say PRAISE GOD... Jotham is now 6 months old!

Jotham taylor calhoon Born march 2nd at 32 weeks gestation
A living proof what our God is capable of.


Blogger *Anna* said...

My stupid computer won't even let me see the pics!!! I want to see JOTHAM. Meeerhhh

12:03 AM  

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