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Sunday, September 11, 2005

I'm home


I'm home, got home on thursday- friday rehearsed for the wedding, and saturday froze my butt off at the wedding..it went really well though - even though the weather was freezing cold.

Charis looked like a princess and ben got teary eyed when he saw her...it was wonderful!

Ben and britt got to come to the wedding...Andy and anna too- that was pretty rad..not to many of my family memebers on my dads side showed up ( the kind that you are embarressed of and dont claim to know them) we were SO happy about that...lol

Ok so thats enough about the wedding.

Our flight was good besides the fact it was like 19 hours..but we cant change that!
We stayed overnight in london because the layover was so dang long! But it was nice helped with the jetlag ALOT! Jotham did really well the first flight was only 8 hours and he slept 5 of it, but he really liked his bassanet he slept in so he stayed in that alot. I slept a little on the plane but it was really COLD! and some of the people smelt really bad! lol ...But we got home safely and thats all the matters. we are here and I didnt have to even use my bacon!

Basiclly since we have been home we have been on the go! so I'm looking forward to not doing anything this wk! just unpacking and sleeping- catching up with my friends..

alright I got to go


Blogger *Anna* said...

Oh Charity.
I'm glad you think it's rad that I am home. I need some prayer, I won't post a name, but I just kinda blew up at some person this morning after church and I wonder what I'm going to do about it now that I have a clearer head...
More details later, go ahead and check out my picture blog site in the meantime: trueareyourpromises.blogspot.com
Love you, and I love the site! Good work!

3:49 PM  
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