I Belong To You

Sunday, June 03, 2007


Answer all the questions honestly, no lying to avoid stuff.
*Time started: 8:31pm
*Name: Charity
*Nickname: Baby Face, Chief, Chutney, Atwoki , Chuckles, Chare-Bear
*Single or Taken: Single
*Sex: Female
*Birthday: 8-21-88
*Siblings: 2 older sisters and 1 younger brother
*Hair color: Dark Brown
*Eye color: Brown
*Innie or Outie: Innie
*What are you wearing right now: Grey cutt off sweats and a brown tank top
*Where do you live: GV
*Righty or lefty: Righty

*Who are your closest friends?: Joelle, Stephanie, Beth, Jessie B and Jessie P
*Best place to go for a date: I wouldnt know I dont date

*Where is your fav place to shop: No favs, anywhere really
*Do you have any tattoos or piercings? 6 ear piercings

*Color: Teal and Brown
*Number(s): 7
*Subject in school: Dont have one
*Animal: I dont like animals
*Drink: Water and arizona ice tea
*Celebrity: Julia Styles
*Veggie: Cucumber
*Fruit: Pears, Cherries, Apples
*Fast food place: I dont like fast food
*Place to visit: Anywhere my sisters and family are
*Month: August...haha
*Juice: I dont like juice
*Finger: uhmmm no comment
*Ice Cream: I love all ice cream
*Breakfast: Bacon and Eggs
*Perfume/Cologne: Victoria Secrets LOVE SPELL, and PEAR RASBERRY


*Given anyone a bath: My nephews
*Smoked: No, I have asthma
*Bungee jumped: No
*Broken the law: Yeah, but only like speeding.....
*Made yourself throw-up: One time
*Gone skinny dipping: No
*Been in the opposite sex's bathroom: I have to cleans the guys bathrooms at my church when I help my mom
*Eaten a dog biscuit: haha well there was this time in mexico that we wernt sure if they where for people or dogs
*Put your tongue on a frozen pole: No
.*Loved someone that made you cry?: Yah, then I was mad at myself for letting someone have that type of control over my emotions
*Played truth or dare: yeah, and I got grounded for it...haha
*Been in a physical fight: No, thats why I have tall friends, NEVER have to acutally FIGHT!
*Been in a police car: Not that I recall
*Been on a plane: Yes....one time for like 25 hours....its was awesome
*Been in a sauna: Yeah, not to fond of them
*Been in a hot tub: yeah...Last time me and steph watched the stars in her grandmas hot tub...it was nice.....THEN SHE LEFT ME FOR 9 DAYS>..
*Swam in the ocean: Against my will
*Fallen asleep in school: no
*Broken someone's heart: I hope not
*Cried when someone died: Yeah
*Lied: Yes
*Laughed so hard you fell off your chair: Oh HECK yes
*Sat by the phone all night waiting for a call: No, I have a life. and most of my friends never call me when they say they will...so I dont waist my time
*Saved e-mails: always
*Wished you were a member of the opposite sex: only when im camping and have to get up and pee at night...:P
*Made out with JUST a friend? i'm proud to say NO
*Been rejected? Yeah and it hurt like a MOTHER
*Been in love? No
*Used someone: Not intentionally
*Been cheated on?: Thats the beuty of NOT DATING
*Done something you regret? Yeah prolly

*Red: Nails
*Blue: 's clues
*Happy: Gilmore
*Autumn: leaves
*Cow: Moo
*Greenland: Fuzzy
*Your good luck charm: Dont need one
*Stupidest thing you have ever done: hmmmm lets not go there
*Your crush: broken heart
*Your most prized possession: My Relationship with Jesus Christ
*Last thing you ate: Pretzels
*Fave song: Alot
*Best thing that has happened to you this year: Making some of the coolest friends at longs, and becoming an AUNT AGAIN!


*Chicken pox: Yeah
*Sore Throat: Yeah I get those alot because of where I work
*Cold: Yeah, get those alot too
*Stitches: Yeah
*Bloody nose: Yeah


*Believe in love at first sight: No I dont, Cause I dont think that you can trully know someone at first sight. You would only be in love with there looks. and thats shallow
*Enjoy parks: YES!
*Like picnics: Yah, I havent been on one in a long time
*Like school?: No
*What schools have you gone to: Homeschooled my whole life
*Hate anyone: No, there are people who sometimes upset me...but hate is a STRONG word and I could never have that much hate towards anyone
*Who is the last person that called you: Joelle
* Who makes you laugh the most: Joelle, Amanda, Steph.
* Who makes you smile: Jesus
* Who can make you feel better no matter what: Jesus, Joelle, Stephanie, Beth, Amanda
*Was that the last person you touched?: My nephew
*You talked to last: Joelle
*You hugged?: Tiffany
*Massaged:Gave my mom a foot massage the other night
*You Kissed?: My nephew
*You yelled at: Probably someone at work...I dont know

*Do you like yourself?: Yeah
*Do you get along with your family?: Yes
*Do you do drugs?: No. its pointless
*Color your hair?: yep
*Piercings below the waist?: EK NO
*Habla espanol?: No
*Stolen anything ever?: Hearts....haha
*Obsessive?: hmm depends on what
*Compulsive?: oh yes
*Anorexic?: No, I love to food WAY TO MUCH
*Depressed?: Only when i get tired
*Suicidal?: No, I love Jesus christ to much to be that
*what time is it now?: 8:52pm


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