I Belong To You

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

okay this was just to funny to NOT POST!! this is what happens when you keep your youth leader up and are WARNED to go to bed and YOU DONT!!! HAHA.....YES!

My Mom, Grandma, Me , And Sister Charis

Me and my girls!!! dont I just look so innocent? yeah...its all a lie I can promise you that

haha, okay so the evil face wasnt gone...it was just hiding! and whithin 3 hours of being with tim and phillip IT COMES OUTTA HIDING!!! all in good fun though. All in good fun

Okay so the story behind this picture is phil was re-enacting the whole me throwing a cup at tims head at camp when he played a prank on me in the mess hall...Dontcha just love it !

Phillip & I

My Grandma and I

Haha, Me and my wonderful facial expressions.

Another year, another awesome birthday

My birthday party was awesome!
To be honest at first I didnt want to have one...only because the simple selfish fact I was sad about doug and destiny and jot not being here...and I decided a few months back I didnt want to celebrate my birthday....anyways I got over myself really fast!
and my 2 friends drove like 9 hours to see me for my birthday....and they dont even know how much that meant ( exspecially since one of them was leaving in like 3 days to college and was prolly horrendously busy)
but they came down for it. and even now a week later I smile when I think about how special of a day it was for me.
not only was that a cool part. but my friends and family where all there
AND WE HAD A CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN!!! i kid you not! the coolest part of the food was that...I still giggle!
The whole entire night left me speechless....for more reasons then one.
so enjoy the pictures! and leave me a comment if you want to