I Belong To You

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Sept 27th 2005

I didnt know what else to put for the title so I put the date- LOL

Okay so there you go ( robert an mellisa ) theres the most recent picture I have of myself...I have other ones I just can't get them from my CD to my computer- but thats what I look like with glasses :) Guess you'll just have to come visit me and see them all....lol

n e ways....

I have been so stinking busy the last 2 weeks- its like right when my feet set down in america I've been on the go- AHHHHHH But yah know God's faithful and he has given me so much strength its amazing.

Anyways this weekend I served at a couples retreat- I managed to almost break my neck walking back to my room- I stepped off a curb ( a large curb thank you very much ) and I tweeked my knee and ended up falling pretty bad..by the time I got to my room I couldnt hardly bend my knee it had swelled so bad!!! Oh and I was walking my nephew in his stroller when it happend- he was ookay witch was totally the Lord that I was able to keep his stroller up right and not hurt him when I fell...anyways I'm about 90% better- my knee still hurts and is bruised pretty bad..but its not damaged permantly so thats good I guess- LOL

We took doug and destiny and jotham to the airport yesturday...How em I doing with that you ask? well I guess I'm doing alright- Really I'm just trying not to be to sad over it...no I'm not as upset as last time- I dont think I will ever get like that again...they got off good though- they even brought an extra box without charge! that was a blessing! and jotham was in a good mood too so it was a good start! You guys can be praying for me because I'm already praying about when to go back...Yeah I havent even been in the states for 3 weeks and I want to go back- I love yah guys dont get me wrong...but I got to go were God calles me!

So pretty much I'm doing okay- jet lag for the most part is gone, My stomach isnt adjusted yet so alot of the stuff has been making me puke or just feel horrible..but that will adjust sooner or later- hopefully sooner then later! I'm battling a nasty cold though ( still ) I lost my voice for like 3 days and its back now...I just have a cough- wich is prolly going to stick until SUMMER! ARG!

Alright I got to go pick my sister up from work and then we are headed to auburn!

Have a good ya'll love you so much!


PS dr pepper is like totally awesome after being in africa!

Friday, September 16, 2005

Jotham Taylor Calhoon

Good evening ya'll

How cute is my little neph? Yeah I don't think I could love that little boy more then I do...He is definintly going to be one spoiled kid!

Since jotham was born he has only become stronger...
He continues to grow bigger each day and is now trying to crawl.. the second time I saw him when he was in the hospital- He looked up at me from his little incubator.. and I knew I just knew God was working in him as we were standing there and God was giving him the stregnth to fight and get stronger.... Jotham is one of those things you don't try to explain it you just say PRAISE GOD... Jotham is now 6 months old!

Jotham taylor calhoon Born march 2nd at 32 weeks gestation
A living proof what our God is capable of.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

I'm home


I'm home, got home on thursday- friday rehearsed for the wedding, and saturday froze my butt off at the wedding..it went really well though - even though the weather was freezing cold.

Charis looked like a princess and ben got teary eyed when he saw her...it was wonderful!

Ben and britt got to come to the wedding...Andy and anna too- that was pretty rad..not to many of my family memebers on my dads side showed up ( the kind that you are embarressed of and dont claim to know them) we were SO happy about that...lol

Ok so thats enough about the wedding.

Our flight was good besides the fact it was like 19 hours..but we cant change that!
We stayed overnight in london because the layover was so dang long! But it was nice helped with the jetlag ALOT! Jotham did really well the first flight was only 8 hours and he slept 5 of it, but he really liked his bassanet he slept in so he stayed in that alot. I slept a little on the plane but it was really COLD! and some of the people smelt really bad! lol ...But we got home safely and thats all the matters. we are here and I didnt have to even use my bacon!

Basiclly since we have been home we have been on the go! so I'm looking forward to not doing anything this wk! just unpacking and sleeping- catching up with my friends..

alright I got to go