I Belong To You

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

My Car Accident

Sunday September 10th @ 1:40pm I rearended a car at about 35MPH
I came up to a car that I unfortunantly didnt see was stopped ( I didnt see any lights or blinkers) and when it finally clicked in my head that she was stopped it was to late...And I slammed on my brakes and hit her.
I had my best friend and her 2 little sisters in my car Becky ( 10) Kaylee (6) Stephanie ( 16)
When It happend My seat belt had locked up and caused alot of bruises, I was hysterical!! I couldnt breath, my whole body felt like it was on fire and as stiff as a piece of medal. and the lady came outta her car screaming DO YOU HAVE INSURANCE?? WHY DIDNT YOU STOP??? I DID EVERYTHING RIGHT !!!! WHY DIDNT YOU STOP? and I just kept saying is everyone ok is everyone ok please Call 911 I cant breath, im hurt we need to call 911!!! and finally a man and women came over ( she was a EMT ) and he was an angel!! They came over directed traffic, helped the other people in my car and made sure they where ok, they called 911 and stayed with me and the girls until they came. then after they came they continued to help in anyway they could. I dont know there names but I will forever remember them and how much they helped me & my passengers that day.
Myself and the little girl becky where taken by ambulance to the ER Beckey beacause she had bumped her head and her neck hurt. Myself because I couldnt breath without alot of pain and everything hurt. ( steph went in to get checked out and x rayed the next day because she woke up stiff and everything hurt )
We all ( including the lady I hit ) walked away ok from this. whiplash and some bruises
She was driving a cadi it was around a 90 92 ( the kind with the tank metal!!! ) and her car suffered the most damage.
God is so good. and I dont care about my car or the ladies car...or the insurance and how much money it will cost.
My friends are ok and i'am ok. and God protected us all!!!
So yeah there is the picture of my car :P
The firemen actually told my dad that it looked like I had hit her pretty hard because all the stuff was strewen all over my car ( My dad didnt want to tell him that my car always looks like that) LOL he just nodded.
OH and after they had taken me away my dad had to tell the ladie to sit down and that her behavior was unexceptable! She was continueing to run around and try to get everyones information and get everyone side of the story, when we wernt even sure everyone was ok yet. and my dad told her to back off until they knew everyone was ok.

Saturday, September 09, 2006


Here are a few hume lake pics, I have more coming from KRISY!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

This summer ends

With summer coming to and end I look back and I can't believe how it went by, and how many amazing days I had.

I think the best time I had was when I was sitting on the beach in fort bragg, and I got to litterly watch the sunset every night. I love sunsets!

Santa cruz was awesome, well besides the fact I was so sick the whole time with a cold and stayed up most of the nights coughing horribly...but the water and the kids I went with will forever stay in my memories.

I decided that I love the beach, and thats where I want to live near!

I turned 18 this summer, and from the pictures you can see I had the most amazing birthday ever ( there I go smiling when I think about it AGAIN)

I reconnected with old friend, Fought with close friends, Made new memories with joelle & steph, and grew in the Lord through all of it.

To those that God used this summer in my life. Thank you and thank you for allowing him to do that. I love you guys.