I Belong To You

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Last entry while in UGANDA

Hey guys

Just wanted to write a quick note and letcha all know that I'm leaving on sunday for kampala..

here is my flight schedule-

7 September we leave entebbe at 9:10 AM we land in London Heathrow at 4:00 PM
8 September we leave London Heathrow 10:50 AM and we arrive in San Francisco 1:35 PM

Please be praying for us, LOVE YAH GUYS
Have a good day and I will see you in like a week

Sunday, August 28, 2005

3am I hope this makes sense!

What's up guys,

Well its late ( really early whatever) anyways, I cant sleep so I thought I would Blog a bit...

My mind keeps thinking about all the stuff I have to do this wk, Going to the cashes and reading to the kids, Packing, Church, Saying Goodbye to everyone, I need some praying cuz this week isnt going to be all that fun, and its going to be draining thats for sure!

Today at church I learned how to say " I LOVE YOU" in retoroo, I also know how to say " STOP BEGGING" LOL yeah those are the two phrases I wanted to know...heehee

Right now there is some God awful music playing outside, Okay whoever thought black people have rythm and good voices, YOUR WRONG!!!! They dont, Actually alot of them can't even clap on tune here- Yeah its sad...heehee

Today I was wearing this really cute teal and white skirt to church, and I was walking into the church and I stepped on this muddy area and my feet came out from under me and I landed in the mud...I was like CRAP. I looked behind me and my WHITE and teal skirt had mud all over the back... So dest had to run me home so I could change...David said if he would have seen me fall he probably would have laughed ( I told him its ok because it he would have fallen I would have laughed too)

I've discovered so many awesome bands while being here, Like I didnt even know I liked jars of clay until I came over here and listened to it...and Something like silas! Yes...I've got taste in music now...No more out of eden...Or supertones! LOL yeah I bet a few of you are glad to hear that!

I'm feeling ok for the most part, I still have alot of sinus pressure- I think It could be from the weather though, Its been pretty stormy here.

You know what? I've spent my whole life running from people and pushing people away because I was afraid to be hurt...You know doug said something the other day- he said you cant go through life not trusting people, your going to get hurt, people will let you down, and stuff will happen but you cant not trust...You just have to know that God will always be there- And thats so true...I have some of the most precious friends who only want whats best for me...And I'm starting to relize just how much God has given to me...I also learned while being here...The Lord gives and he takes away, and if you hold something with a closed fist, The Lord is still going to get it if he wants...He loves us so much and half the time if we would just trust him and let him have whatever is going on then it would be so much easier...DO I do that most the time? NO WAY! I try so hard and think I can do it...It dosent work that way, if God is not in the center of everything we do, then it isnt worth doing- if we dont give him every part of our life...Then what is the point of living?

I've come to relize I have got to be the most stubborn person in the World, and the good Lord isnt done working on me yet, but in the last three months he has done so much, that I often times just sit there in tears thinking about it...all I can say is PRAISE GOD for his love and mercy and grace...I've tryed doing things my own way and it doesnt work..I'm lost without him and I need him more then I could even know...

I'm praying for all of you and I hope in maybe some way my story can encourage you or help you in any way, because if it can then everything I've gone through makes it worth while! I love you guys so much...aand I mean that from the bottom of my heart...God has given each one of you to me and you dont even know how he has used you in my life...Thank you for being so patient and loving all those times I pushed you all away...Thank you for being a true friend to me when I needed it the most...

Okay well Now i'm tired and I'm going to bed, I hope this makes sense- Its late and words tend to jumble up in my head..LOVE

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Prayer request

Just wanted to ask you to pray for me, next wk is my last wk here, also I woke up this morning with what feels like the start of a cold and possibly a sinus something, all I know is the pressure in my sinuses is enough to make me vomit...Please pray for me, Not only me that the Lord would keep jotham from getting sick, I can take being sick and traveling but jotham is still little and the jet lag alone is going to reek havic on his little body, Thank you all I love you!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A Birthday To Remember

Okay I'm going to start from the begening,

Was my actual birthday and after church the cashes came over and ate dinner with us, It was cool. Issac right when he walked in the door handed me my gift and was like OPEN IT!!!
( He likes to yell everything he says ) so I did...they bought me this really cool purse and book mark...not to mention kinley and alex both drew me cards ( witch almost made me cry)
Dest made a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting ( MY FAVORITE!) and we ate mexican...it was so much fun...I love those kids so much...and then around 10pm my mom calls, WICH I figured she would I mean I knew my family was going to call to say happy birthday and I thought maybe joelle and steph, and I was hoping jordie and ben....SO I answered the phone and all my friends and a a bunch of other people sung happy birthday to me...Wich right when they started I was laughing...then I was crying !! LOL yeah I then spent the next hour talking to all my friends..Basiclly It was like the coolest thing! but thats not the end

We left for our safari around 10 or something like that...we got to meya lodge ate there ( wich I got the wonderful pleasure of being checked out ( more then once) by a nasty looking kid with a mullet) it was a white kid...wich made it even worse- after we ate we went on the boat ride and I got to see alot of hippos and a couple of crocidiles..after that we headed out to Gakana ( the lodge we stayed at) It was the prettiest thing I've seen I got to feed this little white monkey...It had come to our car when we were checking in and it was jumping all over the car trying to get in, it even looked right in the window at me, So I got out and was able to feed it chips!...We stayed in this little cabin that overlooked the lake- and were we ate overlooked the lake to and was like indoor outdoor it was crazy! The pool and everything over looked it...we got video tape of it, it was very nice and TOTALLY Relaxing

We got up at 6:30am to drive 2 hours each way to a place called ISHASHA...There were supposed to be tree climbing lions you could go drive out and see...we ofcourse didnt see ANY! so after driving around for like EVER we got back to the lodge and ate lunch at like 3 and hung around, doug and dest got massages, They were going to pay for one for me for my birthday, but I have a wierd thing about people touching me....( My wierd thing is I DONT LIKE IT) anyways I stayed with jotham and read and took a nap....Then we ate dinner and hung out were the sitting area was ( its this place that again is like outdoor indoor and there was a fireplace and a couple hammocks and these HUGE chairs ) ....It was awesome...We also saw alot of baboons on the way to ISHASHA! they were begging on the road..Doug fed them some chips on the hood of the car...They just sit in the road and beg...It was funny! one of them jumped on the hood and sat there and ate the chips then doug moved the bag on his lap, and the baboon got up and stared right into the window at the bag and watched doug eat them before he jumped down ( we got it on tape) it was crazy

We got up later and ate breakfast and then we drove out to try and see more lions ( with no luck) I had my heart set on seeing elaphants and so far the only ones we saw were really far away....so we drove around and on are way back dest and I rode up on top the car ( okay that in itself was like scarey) but anyways we really wanted to see some up close so I was willing to risk my life for it...LOL ( I'm totally making more out of it then it was Doug drives really safe when we are up there and there are bars to hold on to) anyways I wanted to see a elaphant so I could get pictures for JOJO...and there is was right on the side of the road 2 elaphants( like not even a mile before we left the park...we could see the gate from were we were!!! ) yes we were SO HAPPY!! we even got to see a heard of them too( farther off) ...SO joelle I saw an elaphant up close and took some GOOD pictures for you!! the whole thing was totally awesome!!! we just sat there on top the car and watched it eat, we thought maybe the heard would come and cross in front of us but they didnt....we still got to see them walk around and eat though- And then we drove back over were the two had walked and got prolly like 15 yards away from them...:D

So I guess its safe to say I had an awesome brithday that I will never forget! I mean who gets to say that they went on a safari for there 17th birthday? not alot!

NOW I need to go take a shower because I smell, and I'm tired!
But its ok because every minute was worth it! It was so fun riding up on top- I mean the things I saw not just all the animals but the scenary was so pretty!..OH and getting to TEACH on my birthday, Man It couldnt have been any better...!!!!

Goodnight everyone, Love you all and I will see you in 2 wks.

Friday, August 19, 2005

I Belong to you...By superchik

Everybody needs to belong somewhere
Life can feel so alone without someone who cares
an when life becomes something just to get through
Thats when I need to feel that I belong to you

I belong to you
I belong to you
Your the one who will never let me down, wont let me down
I belong to you

Sometimes life brings more pain then we can bare alone
when hope is gone and I have no stregnth to stand on my own
when nothing helps there nothing that I can do
you surround me and show me I belong to you

I belong to you
I belong to you
Your the one who will never let me down, wont let me down
I belong to you

When love is gone theres no arms to run to anymore
I'm all alone theres noyone for me to live for
letting go of the things I always clung to
thats when I need to feel that I belong to you

I belong to you
I belong to you
Your the one who will never let me down, wont let me down
I belong to you

God never fails.

Hey guys

Things are going great here, I finally got some extra time so I thought I would post something, I wont get another chance until after we get home from the safari.

Today the power has been out, it went out lastnight and has been out most of today- you dont realize how much you value being able to go into your room and turn the light on until you cant do it...lol we get load shed alot, but I guess I can't complain because in kampala you get load shed every 3rd night..

The weather has been cool here, Doug and destiny say the rainy season has finally started- Wich its funny because its not even barely cold even though it rains alot and storms...the other night I sat outside ( in shorts and a sweatshirt) and watched the prettiest lightening storm I've ever seen...It rained and thundered then every couple minutes the whole entire sky would light up...it was amazing

The day gaurd david though always is cold ( even though it rarely is really cold here) lastnight at church he was telling everyone ' its so cold outside' ( if I'm not cold then you really know it isnt cold) but its still funny because I finally met someone who is cold more then I'm! ( see it is possible)

Yesturday I was at the cashes doing school with the kids, You know as hard as I tryed not to get attached to those kids ( because I knew i would be gone soon) I have. and I love spending time with them, Alex ran up to me when I got there. and was so excited because he read his 1st real book! Before I had came he drew a picture for me, It was of me and him standing together and he had a book in his hand, he wrote on the cover of the book " I read my first book in school" ...It was really cute I do believe I even got a little teary eyed ( thats not a huge suprise though ) and after that Issac came running out
"CHARITY CHARITY WATCH ME RUN " ( he always likes to show me new things...wich usually are the same but none the less its really cute) Anyways we came to the decsion that I'm going to get there address and write them when I go home and they promised to practice there letters so they can write me back..lol

Doug has lost some weight since being here, I dont know how the guy does it! because I havent lost any, I dont think I gained any either ( although someone told me my butt looks bigger) lol but doug once again is small and scrawny AGAIN! its sick if you ask me its just not right!

Teaching on sundays is going good as usual, there is the same amount of kids- I have 3 times of teaching them left, Its going to be hard to say goodbye to them, but I'm just looking at it like this, God gave me this time with them and I'm not going to focus on the part of leaving I'm going to walk away thankful for everything the Lord did/is doing...and pray that those kids would want more of the Lord in there lifes and that everything else ( muslim and catholic influneces) would fade away and that God would pierce there hearts and keep them in his shield...God is in control, So I know i will be sad...But I'm putting my trust in the one who is in control of everything!

Okay well that is all for now, I look forward to seeing most of you all at the wedding, And I will warn you in advance I'll prolly hug the life out of you and start crying. So dont look so suprised if it happends..

Love you guys and I thank you for praying for me, God knows I have felt every single prayer!


Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Good morning

Hey guys,

Well this is like a complete 1st for me, I feel all high tech having my own thing I can write on and such...until i get back to the states its going to be kinda plain but I will put my profile picture up when I get home.. I got a totally hot one waiting on my computer back in the states!!

So what does Ibelong2 mean ? Well before you get any wierd Ideas about what the meaning of it is...its as simple as this.. there is a song I heard while I was here...Its on one of my CDS and anyways this song talks about when all things in my life are gone when everything leaves all I need to know is I belong to you and that will get me through ( talking to the Lord) and its just so true and the song has just stuck with me.... Its by superchik...its really good.

Things have been going well, I've recovered from my nervous break down..lol when I heard about bens website...Yes it was devastating for me

So i'm going home in like 4 wks, yeah I think I'm a little scared to fly again, I was scared when we came..when the plane started having ( what I thought was bad turbulense ) I though I was going to have a heart attack, but dest and doug said it was nothing YEAH RIGHT TO THEM MAYBE....I'm not much of a flyer and I tryed to just sleep through the WHOLE thing....

I ask though that you guys be praying for us when we go home, we basicly are going to hit the ground running. We have the wedding rehearsle on the 9th, last min stuff and the wedding on the 10th, OH and we get home at 1:35pm the 8th! ( and for all my friends who cant count worth there life) we are an 11 hour time difference here...So please I ask you to be praying for us.

Things here are going really well, Doug is working at the church alot- we have lights and fans and a fence now ( it may not be big to you all back home but its awesome for us here) thursday nights have been going good...

And remember to pray for the kids I've had the pleasure of teaching, there are catholic and muslim influences here on them and they need our prayers..

Okay well thats all for now, hope I didnt bore you all to death ( what em I saying its your choice to read this)

Have a good day I love you all oh so very much and will talk to you later...