I Belong To You

Wednesday, October 18, 2006



Until I see my AWESOME sister and her husband and the love of my life
MY NEPHEW jotham!!!

Yep Yep!!!!

I love you guys and im counting down !!

Such is the life of a PK

Okay well its been a long time since I wrote anything on here...so I figured what the heck! at least I know this blog wont talk back to me...haha

Life for me has gotten so busy that I find it hard to think half the time...I just do my usual routine and thats about it...I basiclly live at Longs..and in a way that is good but it seems to be wearing on me physically and mentally...God is good though and im doing alright.

I'm still recovering from my car accident. I was told by the doctor that it could take up to 3 months for my back to 100% heal from the whiplash.
wich sucks because I dont have time to deal with the pain...I just basiclly suffer through it.

Work on the other hand is going really well!! I fell off the top stairs the other day in the break room....I guess you could say im sorta clutzy!!! hey at least this time I didnt do something while driving!!! LOL i've been told I have alot of car stories.

I think the main thing I learned this past week is to be 100% honest with the people I care about, and to not let what has happend to me in the past affect my future! and that when im stressed out it is not at ALL Godly to take it out on your friends, luckily it happend with someone who is very understanding...and its all good..I tell you though give me a black hat and a pointy noise and I would have made an awesome WITCH!!!!
that and making God my 100% giving him everything and putting him in everything I do....EXSPECIALLY WORK!!! that is the biggest thing...I'am no good at work if God isnt in it!!!

PRAISE REPORT!!! A friend from work came to youth group with me!!! she didnt stay the whole time...but im pretty sure that her just coming was a total God thing.

Youth group is going wonderful! We went to a rodeo theme night the other friday.....it was fun! we are going back down there this week....im excited!!

So basiclly im just trying to keep my head above water right now and take it day by day!! I told everyone at my work that when this 50 hour weeks are over....im taking a BIG OLE VACATION!!! at least 2 weeks...and im going to SO CAL and I just might never come back...LOL they said they would find me and drag me home...haha just goes to show you how much im loved!

OH and im teaching again!!! man it makes me want to cry just to think about it....it was amazing!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! I havent taught in a long time...and now they have me rotating in on sundays.....AHHHH IT WAS AWESOME!!! GOD IS SO GOOD!!!
I dont know about you guys but children are my heart! I was misreable without teaching! and I know that children and ministering to them is what God has called me to do....but its so DANG good to be back in it!!!! AHHHHHHHH

well I better go, I will write more later.
I do love you all and im sorry I have been to busy to talk lately!! but your in my prayers.